Computer Labs

The Computer Science Department provides several labs with machines running a variety of operating systems. Our two classroom labs in the bottom floor of Kunsela Hall, C012 and C014, are open during normal building hours and available for student use when not reserved for classes. Additional workstations are avaiable for student use in C122 and in the 24x7 lab, B118, located across from University Police.

Workspace and machines not part of the production lab environment are available for student assignment for those who would like to experiment with different operating systems, software and technologies. These testing environments are located in the C107 special purpose lab. Please stop by our workroom in C107 if you are interested.

Hardware & software information as well as teaching schedules and lab diagrams can be found by clicking on the links below.

: Windows Lab Environments :

C014 Classroom Lab

Our primary classroom lab, C014 contains the most up to date equipment. Hardware upgrades are performed every summer and software is updated several times per semester.

24 PCs running Windows 7. HP B&W LaserJet printer with duplexer. HP Color LaserJet Printer

ISO CD/DVD images of major Operating Systems & MSDN Academic Alliance software are stored locally on the D: drive for faster burning to Disc.

C122 Open Lab

6 PCs running Windows 7. HP B&W LaserJet printer. Scanner. 2 large whiteboards.

B118 24x7 Open Lab

10 PCs running Windows 7. HP B&W LaserJet printer.

The machines maintained by the Computer Science Dept are on the far right side of the room.

C228 Open Lab

3 PCs running Windows 7. HP B&W LaserJet printer.

This is primarily a lab for the Graduate Students.

: UNIX Lab Environments :

C012 Gentoo Linux Classroom Lab

24 PCs running Gentoo Linux. HP B&W LaserJet printer. Scanner.

B118 24x7 Open Lab

2 PCs running Gentoo Linux. (In addition to 10 Windows 7 PCs)

: Special Purpose Labs :

DH1240 Network Security / VOIP Classroom

Currently reserved for NCS class' with workspaces for assigned student projects at the networking pods.

Xen Virtual Machine Server

The XenServer is capable of running many virtual machines for classes and personal use.

If you discover a problem, or are experiencing any difficulties with any of our labs, please Let us know.